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Welcome to WC_Confab!

This is the place to get down to the nitty gritty, the nuts and bolts of White Collar and its fandom. This comm was created to encourage discussion and friendly debate about the show. Meta and analysis on everything from the characters and costume design, to episodes and plot lines is welcome. You can focus on the positive, or on that thing that drives you crazy.

Think Mozzie is a Marxist revolutionary? Want to discuss characterization or cinematography or the colour of the Burke’s living room walls? Then here’s the place to talk about it to your heart’s content.

Hit us with your theories and opinions!

Community Guidelines:

Like Neal, we’re not too fond of rules – we want this community to be as free and easy as Mozzie in ’69 - but we do have a few guidelines we’d like everyone to follow:

1. The community is intended to foster open discussion and healthy debate within the fandom. So be nice, and keep things friendly and respectful. We're all here because we’re passionate about the show, after all!

2. Spoilers are not to be discussed, except in a topic that is clearly labeled as spoiler-friendly. No exceptions. Anything relating to unaired episodes is considered spoilery, including promos, sneak peeks and that thing your neighbour read somewhere on E!

3. We encourage discourse, but be sure to use a cut for long posts.

4. If you feel a topic may contain triggers, warn for them in them in the title of the thread, and leave a clear warning before you do a cut for your entry.

5. Discussion about the personal lives of actors, writers and crew members is strictly off limits. No exceptions.

6. As much as it breaks our hearts: no fanfic or fan art please.

Guidelines for Debate:

Although we actively encourage debate, we ask that the tone of posts and comments is kept respectful. There is nothing wrong with disliking a particular character or story on the show. All that we ask when voicing such an opinion, or posing a strong counter argument, is that you do so politely.

Appropriate dialogue:

Person A: I believe Peter can be unkind and controlling, and here’s why...

Person B: I disagree. This is because...

Inappropriate dialogue:

Person A: Peter is a complete jerk who cares nothing for Neal, and who is a bastard to everyone around him. You're an idiot if you can't see that.

Person B: You're just a hater, and a terrible fan. I don't know why you bother to watch the show if Peter bugs you so much!

It is inevitable that there will be disagreements, but listen to other people’s arguments, don’t judge them. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and will interpret what they see on screen differently. If another person’s viewpoint doesn’t match yours, it doesn’t make them wrong. Calling someone a 'hater', 'stupid', or a 'bad fan' is not allowed. Ever.

Flaming or bashing in this community is not allowed. Even if someone’s opinion makes you angry. If you feel that you are being attacked or believe a comment is offensive, let the mods know and we will handle it.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun!

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